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Agility is becoming more popular in many organizations. But this new approach brings a lot of questions and received ideas.

What does it mean to be agile? What are the advantages ? Why will I have to change? Is it true that there is no more documentation? What is a Scrum master?

This one-day course will allow you to demystify agility and understand, through workshops and examples, how it works on a daily basis and what benefits you might derive from it.


Whether you're a manager or a member of a development team, you'll have the keys to understanding the agile vocabulary and knowingly deciding whether agility can help you.


The following individuals will benefit from this course:

  • Executives, Managers, Directors, CIOs and Vice Presidents

  • Managers of development teams, quality assurance and infrastructure.

  • Technical leader, team members, developer, testers, quality assurance manager

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